How Technology Is Changing Our Lives Today

Technology is becoming more advanced every year. It’s 2020 and we have smartphones, smart watches, and even smart glasses. With the devices that we own today, we can communicate with people on the other side of the world, order food with just a few taps on our phones, and keep track of our schedules.
In short, technology is a big factor in our lives and we should be grateful to everyone who created it.
However, the impact that technology has on our society is taking a turn for the worse. Just think to yourself for a moment – do you spend time with people more than you use your phone? How long are your conversations with others? Do you enjoy being behind a screen so much that you forget about everything else in your life?
These are important questions that every technology user across the world should ask themselves.

Here’s a description of the negative effects on society that technology creates:

In the USA, 44% of mobile phone users sleep with their phone next to them at night. This doesn’t seem so bad, does it?
However, sleeping with your phone next to you can hugely impact your life, health, and attitude. Sleeping with your phone means you are tempted (or give in to the temptation) to check it for any messages or notifications or scroll through your social media pages.

And let’s be honest, it’s hard to resist, right?

But put it this way. Spending more time using your phone even though your brain’s telling you to shut your eyes deprives you of the sleep you really need. Sleep deprivation can lead to stomach problems, difficulty in learning, lack of alertness, weight gain, and poor vision.
Another issue is cyber bullying. This is sending intimidating or threatening messages to someone through electronics.
Cyber bullying is now a major problem, especially for young adults aged 12 – 17. Here are the statistics on the forms of cyber bullying. 11% of teen victims in the USA receive cruel pictures, 22.5% are sent mean or hurtful comments, 20.1% face online rumours, 13% are sexually harassed, and 12% of them are threatened to be harmed.
Just look at these numbers. Look at what teenagers are going through. And it’s not just teenagers – adults are being cyber bullied too.
This can lead to depression, anxiety, insecurity, and loneliness, meaning people cut off communication with everyone, even their loved ones, they stop listening in class, and become more paranoid about everything around them.

To make this right and improve your mental, emotional and physical health, follow these suggestions:

1. Limit Your Phone Usage:

By setting a daily limit, you gradually start using your phone for a shorter period of time. You won’t feel the need anymore to constantly check your phone. Also, you have more time to go out and get some fresh air, go out with your friends, or do something creative

2. Talk To People:

Talking and bonding with people you care about the most boosts your mental health. If you ever do go through bullying, knowing that there are people you can go to for help will improve your mental health and confidence.

3. Exercise:

Working out and doing warm ups focuses your attention on improving your physical health. It’s scientifically proven that using your phone more than moving your body can lead to weight gain.
Have a daily workout routine, for example, 20 push ups, 15 crunches, etc. By doing this, getting healthier and more fit will be a bigger priority than your phone!

4. Reward Yourself:

This can be a cup of steaming hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows, a movie night at the cinema, a shopping spree, or anything else that brings a smile to your face. If you reach your goal and don’t need your phone in your sight 24/7 anymore, you deserve to treat yourself!