What Net Worth Makes You Rich 2019

The rave of the very much over-hyped net worth as a measure of societal class is very prominent. Every celebrity, politician and conglomerate is being scrutinized over the size of their so-called pockets. It kind of gets you wondering when or if you will ever be able to reach that mark of the millions of dollars that makes you rich.
But take a trip down memory lane from where your life began, one will discover that the journey has even if not to the recognition of onlookers and the global community, you have been quite progressive.
Yet, if there is no mark of six figures in dollars, you feel unfulfilled. But really, what makes one rich? What is the major defining factor that defines an individual’s net worth?

The Origin of The Net Worth Value

Net worth is simply a measure of your financial assets and real assets excluding all debts. Basically, all the total money in the added to the value of all properties owned minus all debts.  This is where the value originates from.
Did you just do a mental calculation and come to the realization; you just might well be broke for life? Do not fret.
The value of your monetary acquires is not a measure of mental capacity and inbuilt zeal. These numbers, are just numbers. They should be seen as goals instead of obstacles and standards.

What Is The Value Of That Worth That Makes You Rich?

Usually, it is general knowledge that if one has up to a million dollars, no matter what citizenship they hold, they are considered rich. A million dollars is a definite rich mark, but the rate and factors which make one rich goes beyond just empty noise.

According to CNBC, in an article published on their website, if one owns up to $4300 dollars, it is sure that you are way past financial stability than 50% of the world’s population. However, to make that 10% mark of the world’s population living in luxury, it is a requirement to have above $94,000. Above that mark, the goal of cashing in comfortably is fulfilled.

Is Net Worth The Only Defining Factor to Wealth?

Knowing the statistics, it may be hard to come to terms with the large mark of financial worth that defines someone has “rich”. But being rich is not dependent on cash in hand or in the account.
Wealth is also a state of mind. Living lavish and recognized by Forbes does not make someone. Their attitude to life and executing obstacles to maintain a stable environment fulfilling responsibilities in good describes the perfect rich individual.
The hustle to being better and striving to self-excellence all round not dependent on materialistic worth leads one to wealth. I will confidently say to you that, your net worth doesn’t completely define wealth.


In a nutshell, building a good state of mind, discovering and fulfilling your purpose uplifts you from poverty to greatness. Money cannot buy class, as much as it cannot buy happiness. The struggle to be better all round is necessary to hit that tag RICH. If you have any questions, please comment below.


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