The Difference Between Successful And Unsuccessful People

Success is defined by the traits and attitude you possess. This is the reason why successful and unsuccessful people possess distinctly different qualities and traits. The differences between them are as follows:

Positive Vs Negative Thinking

One of the most important differentiators between them is their way of thinking. Successful people are positive thinkers. They are confident of their abilities and know the art of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Their positive thought process helps them to grow and succeed.
Unsuccessful people are ridden with self-doubts and apprehensions. They are negative thinkers, they mostly think of the excuses and cannot work out solutions for overcoming those excuses. This approach of theirs limits them from being successful.

Embrace Change Vs Fear Change

Change is feared by most as it is uncertain. However, successful people are open-minded and flexible to change. They don’t see change as something negative. They perceive it as inevitable and part of life. They believe that change can result in something better than earlier. They visualise change as a challenge which will help them to grow and become better at what they do.
Unsuccessful people always fear change. This is mostly due to their negative mindset. They see change as highly uncertain and are not open to it. They also fail to take advantage of changes and grow in their lives.

Want Others To Succeed Vs Want Others To Fail

Successful people are generous and broad-minded. They understand that in order for them to succeed, the people around them also have to be doing well too. They think of the larger picture and thus want others around them to be succeed as well. Their team members also knows this approach and are motivated to work in such a congenial environment that offers the potential to grow and succeed.
Unsuccessful people are not so broad-minded and are only concerned about them. They may suffer from insecurity and thus they only want themselves to succeed and others around them to fail. Their team members find it discouraging and cannot produce their best outputs in such a work environment.  

Takes Responsibility Vs Avoids Responsibilities

Successful people are more mature and responsible. When working with a team on a project, they take full responsibility of it. They will support their team and stand by them in any situation. In case of any failures, they generally take full responsibility of the failure. Their approach motivates their team and they are driven to work with more passion.
On the other hand, unsuccessful people avoid responsibilities. They will run away from it and always blame others for any failure. They are unable to motivate people around them. Such an approach puts people down and takes the team nowhere.

Talk Ideas Vs Talk People

Successful people are always busy thinking about new ideas and things to do. They are creative and want to do new things. They are constantly exploring new ideas that can make a difference to them and the people around them. This persistent approach of doing something unique and innovative makes them stand out in the crowd. They are busy in changing the future for people around them.
Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, lack the grandeur in their thoughts. They are satisfied discussing people instead of great ideas. Most of the times they indulge in gossiping and rumour mongering which gets them nowhere.

Gratitude Vs Thankless

Successful people always live their lives full of gratitude. They are grateful for what they have. They do not overly obsess about what they don’t have and enjoy what they have accomplished thus far. These moments of gratitude make them more respected by others and also provides them a sense of happiness and satisfaction from within which drives them to be more successful.
Unsuccessful people live a thankless life. They do not appreciate what they have and also don’t appreciate the people around them. They are always obsessed by what they don’t have. This attitude never lets them live in the present and enjoy their success but they always keep worrying about the past and future and fail to live their lives joyfully.

”There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed” – Ray Goforth


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