How To Make Your Employees Feel Great And Appreciated

Making employees feel valued and wanted is the secret to creating a good working environment, keeping healthy and strong relationships, and increasing productivity. It should therefore be the duty of every employer to make his or her employees feel great and appreciated in order to prosper.
Imagine working at a company where your boss neither notices your work or compliments it, and he or she could replace you in an instant. That is obviously not an employer you would want to work under for a long time. As an employer or a manager, this is not actually the kind of environment you would want to create unless you don’t care whether your employees stick around or leave.
As a manager who wants to encourage a friendly working environment where no one wishes to quit, you must make your employees feel highly regarded and truly valued. You have to let them know that your company, you as an individual, and your department, would actually be worse without them. This should be among your most important responsibilities.
The big question is, how do you make your employees feel valued, appreciated and happy every day? Maybe you don’t have the resources that a top-level executive needs to do this but you still want them to feel happy.
And maybe you also lack the necessary decision-making power. Well, you don’t need much to make them happy. I have highlighted some of the simple things that can help you achieve this.

Appreciate Your Employees As Individuals

Whenever an individual has done great and you want to show them your gratitude, avoid trying to compliment them as a group. Otherwise, your intention might easily get lost in group celebrations.
Single out an individual whom you intend to show your appreciation to and reward him or her based on what they have accomplished. Gift him or her with something that everyone else has not received even when you are holding a party for the entire team for making specific achievements.
For example, in case an employee has worked extraordinarily to develop a great internship program for the holiday, pinpoint him or her to represent you at a conference. This might seem to you as a simple gesture but it can make a whole difference in making them feel acknowledge for what he or she has done.
While you are rewarding individuals, be sure not to appear like you are playing favourites. So, always look for opportunities to show gratitude to every team member at different times.

Show Your Employees That Other People Also Need Them

Of course, showing recognition and rewarding employees can act as an excellent motivator. But on the other hand, it can also be seen by employees as a routine, especially if it always comes from their boss.
So, other than rewarding them for doing a great job, you should also let them know how executives, co-workers, and clients feel about them and their services.
For example, whenever you receive positive feedback from a client via email about a great experience they had with one of your employees, share it with the person being appreciated and with everybody else in the team.
This will make your employees know that they are not only making a great impact on the company, but also on clients and other people as well.

Promote Your Employees Based On Merit

Employees are always looking forward to being promoted, and this is something you should always keep in mind. By promoting them on merit, you will make them feel that they are truly growing in their career, and that you have recognised their achievements, dedication, and qualification.

Treat Them Fairly And Show Respect

Everyone expects to be treated fairly and with respect, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, religion, or financial status, especially at their workplace.
To all employers, bosses and managers; remember that people who are working for you, they are doing their best to earn some money so they can provide for themselves, for their families or for their loved ones. Because they are working, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are poor and you have the right to treat them like slaves.
Do not criticise them for a mistake they may have made over a given task. Instead, show them, teach them and motivate them again and again until they do it right. We all make mistakes, we are humans after all. Do not give negative feedback to any of your employees because negative words have a lasting impact.
We all have a personal and social life besides the working life. We all have our ups and downs away from work. So, sometimes if someone is feeling upset or going through some difficulties, they might not be able to perform the job they are required to do.
Don’t be judgemental and completely selfish towards them, instead try to talk to them and understand their situation. Provide them with the help and support you can. Be someone’s hero.
Help others whenever you can and it will show how a great employer, boss or manager you are. And without a doubt, it will make you feel like a true leader.


There are so many other ways to encourage your employees and make them feel great, respected and valued. You should not forget better payment, organising training programs, throwing parties to celebrate achievements, and being a good listener.
Don’t overwhelm them with many tasks as that puts extra pressure on them. Always treat them as your most valuable assets. Feel free to comment below.
If you find this article helpful in any way, then please share it so others can learn from it as well. And together, we can build a creative and wonderful working environment for ourselves and the generations to come.


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